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New Paintings On Display at Des Peres Hospital

Thanks to Art St Louis, I have 12 paintings on display on the 2nd level of the hospital along with other artists residing in the St Louis area. Check out the page on Art St Louis for more information on the collaboration and the other artists who have work on display.

About the Exhibition

Art @ Des Peres Hospital is a unique endeavor to connect and inspire the community through the work of local artists and enrich the lives of hospital patients, staff, and visitors. As former Des Peres Hospital CEO John Grah noted, “It is well documented that art can help in the healing process. Art can take us out of the moment by giving us something else to focus on. It is our hope with this exhibit that we can create a richer environment and a more pleasant experience for our patients and guests, not to mention our employees and medical staff.”.

Map and Directions to Des Peres Hospital - Click Here.

View the full catalog of all the artists participating in the exhibition - Click Here.

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