About Ben Kelley

Ben Kelley is a St. Louis-based artist whose work has been featured locally, throughout various businesses, as well as internationally, most notably for his cover art published on famed Dutch writer Nescio’s Titaneller.


I'm a fan of both experimentation and variety. Not surprisingly, my paintings often vary in theme from conceptual and meaningful, to colorful and expressive. I enjoy the discovery part of the creative process and how to communicate and connect with viewers through a visual medium. Often times, when I feel that I've accomplished a form of communication in a particular fashion, I end up challenging myself to find a new way to express an idea or emotion. It's this challenge that keeps me motivated and why I know my passion for artistic expression will always fuel my desire to create.


If you like what you see , or if you have any questions about my work, feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my artwork.

Events and Accolades


  • Shaw Art Fair (2021)

  • Celebrate Wildwood (2021)

  • MOSAICs Fine Art Festival (2021)

  • Shaw Art Fair (virtual) (October 2020)

  • Anonymous heART Project (2020)

  • Webster Groves Art Fair (June 2019)

  • Shaw Art Fair (October 2018)

  • June Artist of The Month at the Missouri Athletic Club (MAC) (2018)

  • Des Peres Hospital Exhibit (2016)

  • Live Painting & Auction at JCS Price of Freedom Gala (2017)

  • Live Painting & Auction at JCS Price of Freedom Gala (2016)

  • Fine Art of Missouri Gallery Representation (2015)

  • St Louis Artists' Guild: Collectors Choice (2015)

  • RAW Artists: UPRISING Exhibit (2015)

  • RAW Artists: Sensory Exhibit (2015)

  • MySLART 33November Exhibit (2015)

  • Artopia! (2013)

  • "Made in St Louis" article in St Louis Post Dispatch (2012) (link)

  • Live Painting & Auction at JCS (Joshua Chamberlain Society) Price of Freedom Gala (2012)

  • "Sunset" painting published on book cover (2012)

Ben Kelley

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