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About Ben Kelley

Life is beautiful. I’m always in awe of the natural world. It makes me feel connected to something larger than myself. It reminds me that we're all at some level, connected to one another. For me, nature inspires curiosity, wonder and happiness and I enjoy reflecting these emotions through my work. If one of my paintings can inspire happiness in another human being, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

I paint landscape-inspired scenes often in an abstract realistic style. Yes, that’s contradictory. Like the spiritual and physical, they coexist in the same space - connected in a way that’s just beyond understanding. I juxtapose flowers and trees with flings, splatters, and splashes of colorful paint. Sometimes this mode of creation can get messy, but guess what? Life is messy - That’s just part of the process.

Just like the natural world we are all messy, beautiful, inspiring, unique yet inter-connected beings sharing an experience. I’m happy to share my work with you and I hope your experience is a positive one.

For a list of upcoming events, check out my Events page.

Ben Kelley

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Ben Kelley, Artist


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